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Do I have to bring my massage table?

Is there a weight limit for doing barefoot massage/am I too big to learn ashi?

When does class start/finish?

Is it mandatory to receive this work in class?

How can I prepare for class?

Can you really feel everything with your feet?

Is there a payment plan available?

Do I need to be certified to work on paying clients?

Do I have to be a LMT to take this class?

Can I leave early? Do you offer partial CE credits? 

I’m a mobile massage therapist, can I offer this work without an office?

Can I do ashi/barefoot work while pregnant?

If you still have questions, no worries. Just reach out to your instructor Katie.  Please call or text Katie at 727-417-3330 or email her at

barefoot massage training reviews

What our students are saying:

barefoot massage training reviews

Katie's teaching style elevating the class experience

Katie’s passion for barefoot massage is present in her teaching style elevating the class experience and engaging her students. Honored to have learned this amazing work with her.


Everything you need from a great instructor!

I absolutely loved my class with Katie! She was wonderfully personable, and engaging. Everything you need from a great instructor! I left the class with a huge understanding of the technique and was able to jump right into doing treatments the following week! Looking forward to more trainings! I highly recommend this group of fantastically skilled therapists for continuing education!


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barefoot massage trainer reviews

I useD THE techniques I learned even before I have my bars up!

The Fundamentals class with Katie was even more than I hoped it would be! By the end of 3 days I felt confident in my newly learned skills and also excited to learn more. I have been able to use techniques I learned in class even before I have my bars up. I also love how much support there is after class is done. Katie adapted to my learning style and really made everything click.


Katie is extremely passionate about her work!!

Learning from her was a pleasure.


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Upcoming Barefoot Massage Training Classes

  • May 21st - 23rd, 2021 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
  •  July 9th - 11th, 2021 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Please review CBM Policies before registering for your class.

NEED HELP: If you need help or further instructions, please call or text Katie at 727-417-3330.